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Air brain?
Jan 10, 2019,  Channel News Asia Is air pollution causing brain damage thereby making us less intelligent?
Toxic fumes threaten our children.
The growth in emissions is creating a ‘diesel generation’ of unhealthy youngsters.
Citizens Groups Wants to fight air pollution at Trudeau Airport
Les Pollués de Montréal-Trudeau intends to launch 2nd class-action suit due to heavy metals study found in air.  
Air Pollution Tops WHO Health Threats for 2019
Air pollution and climate change Air pollution, obesity and vaccine hesitancy are three of the global health threats the World Health Organization has pledged to make a priority in 2019. Top of the list is action on air pollution and climate change, a growing crisis as WHO estimates that around nine out of 10 people breathe...
Asthma attacks more common than thought.
Asthma attacks are three times as common as previously thought, according to new figures which have sparked warnings about the impact of air pollution.
How air pollution could end up killing you – Article by the Guardian
In this recent article, Emily Holden from The Guardian explains how Trump’s cabinet is not taking its own government’s report on climate change seriously. The report states that the higher temperatures are harming America and the world already.